The Stack Difference


Why Stack your organisations Health?

Stack Health is the modern web-based wellness program designed for organisations wanting to take a proactive step in boosting employee health, happiness and productivity. It was designed with the intention to provide more value to companies and employees that seek to positively impact their wellbeing by simultaneously expanding and individualising the knowledge available to them. 

How does Stack Health optimise productivity?

Stack Health impacts workplace productivity by breaking down the perceived barriers of financial and locational accessibility to expert knowledge. Using advanced matching software to connect employees with an expert that suits their specific needs and providing them with a reliable digital consultation, it is possible for individuals to gain the advice and tools necessary to enhance their wellness.

What sets Stack Health apart?

We understand that great personal well-being is created by addressing the many individual components that make up our lives. Therefore Stack Health collaborates with experts from a variety of cultural backgrounds and professional fields including physical and mental health, nutrition, finance, strength and conditioning. In this we ensure you always see the professional you need when you need them.