VIDEO - Want a better (Side) Booty?


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This is the Monster Walk. This is a fantastic exercise for those with weak hip abductors, this exercise will help strengthen the Gluteus Medius. Now this exercise can be done a few ways but studies have shown that certain ways work better than others, so of course we will teach you the BEST way!

Start by placing the band around your feet, we put the band around the feet because we are able to get the proprioception response when you start to cheat by placing your feet outward (when the feet are turned outwards your TFL engages and you turn the glute med off which is what we don’t want.) From here you want to place your feet just slightly wider than hip width apart and imagine that this distance is now train tracks. You want to walk along these train tracks without the distance getting any smaller. Before you start you want to break at your hips, soften your knees so that you are in a mini squat.

With your first step you only want it to be small, your arch of your lead foot should line up with your toes of your trail foot, then you want to bring your trail foot back even with your lead. Take the desired amount of steps forward, once you reach it try going back backwards. This takes more hip control than going forwards and will really test if you are doing it right. Once you’re back to the start, repeat with the opposite foot now leading.

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