VIDEO: What makes Thrive Health Co. a truely transformational health experience?


Your advice today is coming from Bryce Finck. The "Tech Health Guy" - Bryce is a driving force behind the digital wellness evolution, specialising in physical dysfunction and personal transformation. Co-Founder of Stack Health, his mission is to allow experts to communicate with their clients digitally from any location, forging lifelong professional relationships that improve people’s lives. 

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Part of my vision when I created Stack Health with my Business partner and good mate Mike Usher was to highlight the experts that are truely changing the game when it comes to transformational wellness experiences. Joshua Nelson and the team at Thrive Health Co certainly fit that bill.

Many people believe that Chiro’s and Physio’s butt heads when it comes to treatment philosophy and thus often “steal” each others clientele away from one another. Whilst this may have been the case for some in the past, Josh has developed a Multi-Disciplinary team that moulds the strongest qualities of Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Myopathy and Exercise Physiology as to guide you along your optimal wellness journey. In sharing the care of each and every patient, Josh and the team focus on the health goals of client rather than their back pockets with this mindset leading to life changing results.


I feel proud to be able to call Josh not only a trusted colleague but friend and I am proud to highlight Thrive Health Co. as a truely transformational health experience. You can visit their clinic in Graceville, QLD, AUS where they are open 6 days per week.

Bryce Finck