PODCAST - The definition of meaning in life.

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Your advice today is coming from Scott Barry Kaufman. Scott is a psychologist at Barnard College, Columbia University who is interested in helping all kinds of minds live a creative, fulfilling, and meaningful life. Curious about the mind, brain, and behavior, Dr. Kaufman likes to share his enthusiasm for these topics through his teaching, writing, speaking, and podcast.

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Today we have Michael Steger on the podcast. Dr. Steger is a Professor of Psychology, and the Founding Director of the Center for Meaning and Purpose at Colorado State University. He studies the link between meaning in life and well-being, as well as the psychological predictors of physical health and health-risk behaviors, and the facilitators and benefits of engaging in meaningful work.

In this episode we discuss the following topics:

  • The definition of meaning in life

  • The measurement of meaning

  • The dark triad and meaning

  • “The Hitler Problem”

  • Life satisfaction vs. meaning in life

  • Different forms of pleasure

  • The possibility for “meaning exhaustion”

  • Meaningful work

  • The difference between coherence, purpose, and significance

  • Different meanings of purpose

  • The strongest sources of meaning in life

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