VIDEO - How to finally remove the lower back pain you get when sitting down

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How do I remove the back pain I get when I sit?

Are you afflicted by lower back pain when sitting down? You are not alone as 80% of the western population will be affected by low back pain at some point in their working life. The Mayo Clinic in their 2013 study expressed that while lower back pain is very prevalent in our society, only 25-30% of people seek assistance for their pain. This is generally because we have had it implanted in us that low back pain is something that we should expect as part of our sitting culture. So what is the cure?

Photo by  Sean Pollock  on  Unsplash

Photo by Sean Pollock on Unsplash

In this video, expert trainer Roger Frampton provides the key to removing the low back pain that inflicts us when we are sitting for long periods. Learn the reasons as to why sitting affects us and then later Roger teaches you a simple standing exercise that can rid you of lower back pain for good!

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Your advice today is coming from Roger Frampton. Roger is a Movement Coach specialising in functional performance and the creator of the Frampton Method. His revolutionary training techniques place emphasis on conscious movement. He combines bodyweight exercises with aspects of gymnastics and yoga to help us better understand the natural functionality of our bodies, with the aim of preventing pain and returning us to the fluid way we moved as children.

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