Quit Quitting..........

Why do we quit?

Fear of Failure? Fear of Success? Laziness? – A combination? 

What is the difference between those who quit and those who succeed? 

More Resilient? Mentally and Physically Stronger? - Perhaps........

Not that long ago I was listening to Todd Sampson speak and something that resonated with me that day was when he was talking about fear and not letting it win and why he was successful.

He mentioned it all boiled down to being stronger for only 1 sec longer than anyone else. You read that right the only difference he believes which separates him from succeeding or not, is for the 1 sec where when fear attempted to make him quit he is strong enough to say “No”.

Put your hand up if you are a quitter? Or a find yourself on a constant merry-go-round. Whether it’s weight-loss, exercise, diet or saving money – the list is endless. Doing something only to fall back into old habits to start over again in 6,12,18,24months???

One of the most successful American Football coaches of all time, Vince Lombardi famously stated “Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.”  - A statement which when you think about it rings true as to why we find it easier to quit the 2nd, 3rd or 4th times.

But first we need to rehash how habits are formed:

The Cue – which leads to --The Action (the habit) – which leads to --The Reward

So just how does quitting become a habit??

The Cue – Feeling uncomfortable

The Action – Quitting

The Reward – falling back into the comfort zone – remember that comfortable, constant, consistent, non-challenging, non-confronting location where nothing changes.

............................................ ......Welcome Home ...............................................................

So just how do we quit quitting??

1 – Become comfortable with being uncomfortable (see previous article - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/making-change-comfortable-michael-usher/)

2- Write down your goals (be proud of what you are going to achieve): 1- you are 42% more likely to succeed just by writing it down; and 2- It’s a lot harder to quit something when you know others are going to be keeping you accountable – find that accountability buddy!!

3 - Don't Do Extreme - Extreme isn't sustainable - For example - How familiar does this sound??????? I’m only going to eat salad for lunches and dinner from now on AND I’m going to run 5 kms a day AND I’m going to workout in a gym three times a week. If you’re somebody that eats a typically poor diet, hates running, and hasn’t set foot in a gym since John Howard was in office, doing all of these things at once is almost a surefire way to succeed at precisely NONE of them.

4 – Remember – there is NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE. Even when you feel like you are taking a couple steps back you are infinitely further in front of where you started.

 If you find yourself taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back – do the math 2 – 1 = +1 (you’re still winning!!!!) 

So, in that moment where fear starts overtaking your emotions – take a leaf out of Todd Sampson’s playbook and in that moment, be strong – be stronger than you ever have before - for that 1 sec will be the difference between quitting or succeeding.

Tell your fears to Disappear (or use stronger language - your choice!!!) – you got this.

Mickael Usher - Stack Health Exercise Physiologist.

Bryce Finck