PODCAST - What is the power of women in wellness?

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Your advice today is coming from Melissa Gearing. Mel is passionate about prescribing herbal medicine as a tool in fighting illness and imbalance within the body. Mel aims to fuse traditional herbal medicine with current research and evidence. She believes in an integration of herbal and pharmaceutical interventions. To learn more about Mel and the services she provides visit her website MG Herbs

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Dr Andrea Huddleston and Dr Ashleigh Bond from Wellness Women Radio feature on the podcast today!

We chat together, taking turns asking each other questions and getting to know each other and our podcasts better.

Dr Andrea and Dr Ashleigh are holistic chiropractors and host the wonderful Wellness Women Radio, featured on The Wellness Couch.

It was such fun connecting with like-minded wellness women and I'm sure you will enjoy the show!

Checkout The Wellness Women at thewellnesswomen.com.au and their podcast on iTunes.

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