PODCAST - What will keep me running as I get older?

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Your advice today is coming from Brad Beer. Brad is a physiotherapist, AMAZON Best Selling author, host of The Physical Performance Show podcast and the Founder of a company called POGO Physio. Brad specialises in helping active people perform at their physical best, by keeping them pain and injury free. He works best with highly committed people who place a high value on their physical health & performance.

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In episode 132 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer has a conversation with Rich Willy – Running Researcher & Physical Therapist at University of Montana (Assoc Prof.) (Expert Edition) Part 2.

During this episode, Dr. Rich Willy, Physiotherapist and also Running Researcher based out of the University of Montana, USA answers many questions around ageing well as a Runner.

Rich shares around why we slow down as we age, the principles that under pin the changes that we see, why our tendons tend to lose stiffness as we age, what happens to our calves as propulsive elements as we mature as runners. Why strength training is such a critical component of the ageing runners training program. How to structure strength training around the week’s running volume. Rich answers the age old question, is running bad for our knees? Rich explains why a fast walking pace can be correlated with great longevity in life. And Rich touches on the role of footwear and shoe selection for the ageing or master’s runner.

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