PODCAST - How to make habitually better financial decisions?

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Your advice today is coming from Pat Flynn. Pat’s blog and podcast is about how he experiments with making money online and what he has learned along the way - making sure to reveal all aspects of the particular business he is focused on, the good and bad, the wins and the losses, so that others who may be interested in getting started with their businesses online will have a truthful, transparent, authentic and non-hyped look into what is involved and what to expect. 

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Is there a secret to accomplishing goals? A lot of us think it’s goal setting and creating intentions, which is important to be sure—but if that was the key, everyone would be successful. It has to be something else. That something else is habitJames Clear, today’s guest and author of Atomic Habits, puts it this way: “We do not rise to the level of our goals; we fall to the level of our systems.” If you want to create habits that keep you motivated, destroy procrastination, and take you to the next level in all that you do, this is the episode for you! Make sure you listen until the end to learn about a special giveaway!

Who you are, your achievements—all of it really boils down to your habits, the systems you create in your life. The topic of habit is so integral to our very existence that James Clear has spent years researching and blogging about habits and how to best achieve them. He’s finally come out with a book of his own, Atomic Habits, and I have to tell you, it’s incredible.

Now, if you know anything about habits you probably know that there are a ton of books out there on the subject. I’m telling you though, this is the one! James knew that something was missing from all those other habit books, and that’s why he devoted himself to writing this one. Inside, it lists proven ways to build great habits and get rid of bad ones, an easy technique for beating out procrastination, and how to get back in the groove if you break a habit streak—something which I’ve personally struggled with.

James is here today to inspire you to create systems that support your goals and the lifestyle you want to live. It’s about getting one-percent better in all that you do, whatever you do, every day. I hope this episode encourages you to take action, create effective habits, and pursue your best life. Put your devices away and let’s do this thing!

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