Gradually move yourself away from chronic low back pain

For a large percentage of the population, chronic low back pain can be debilitating. It can affect our lives dramatically, both physically and mentally. Traditional management for low back pain has been prescription pain medication, rest and sometimes manual therapy such as massage, acupuncture and potentially surgical intervention. However, the management model for chronic low back pain has now evolved as a result of years of extensive research and clinical trials. And the key to resolving low back pain may actually surprise you...

Low back pain doesn't necessarily mean there is structural damage. Often, our beliefs and understanding (or lack there of) of spinal anatomy and pain can actually increase our pain! Pain doesn't always mean damage is occurring. Pain is often a protective response we elicit to reduce the potential for harm to a certain part of our body. For low back pain, this might occur in the form of our gluteal muscles or back extensors becoming shortened and overactive, as a result of having weak deeper core muscles. As a result of this muscle imbalance, our posture and movement patterns change in a way that allows us to move with as little pain as possible. But ironically, pain levels may remain or increase as a result!

The key to resolving chronic non-specific low back pain (where no structural damage) is graded exercise therapy. Graded exercise therapy is now becoming part of best management for a wide range of musculoskeletal pathologies, as research has shown it to be an integral part of pain management. For low back pain, graded exercise therapy focuses on completing safe, tolerable exercises that gradually build the strength around your trunk, hips, gluteals and legs in a manner that decreases the amount of perceived danger to your spine. This can be in the form of hydrotherapy, core strengthening exercises like Pilates or Yoga, gym-based strengthening exercise or various other types of exercise. Working closely with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist will allow individuals with chronic low back pain to safely and effectively resolve their restrictions and return to normal function.

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Mathew Cameron - Stack Health Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Bryce Finck