PODCAST - What is the best way to treat fascial dysfunction?

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Your advice today is coming from Dr Beau Beard. Beau along with his wife Sloan are functional health & manual therapy trend setters in the world of digital wellness education. Owners of The FARM Chiropractic in Birmingham, Alabama the spread their word through multiple mediums including audio, visual and in person consultations. 

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Dr. Capobianco is a practicing sports chiropractor, treating a myriad of musculoskeletal injuries using a combination of hand and tool release therapy. Steve is the Medical Director for Rocktape, pioneering evidence-informed education development that challenges the status quo in movement learning. He authored the Fascial Movement Taping manual and lectures world wide on the movement based taping technique.

In this episode we discuss a menagerie of topics from fascia research, how to best keep yourself moving forward with the profession, different ideas on how environment at large may driving many of our health maladies and chronic pain, and oh so much more!

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