VIDEO: Shutting down your food triggers

On Monday I discussed how if you are seeing a manual therapist to treat your issues with headaches then you should investigate the possible connection your diet may have in the process. 

In this I discussed a video that would help you determine what foods exactly are aggravating your symptoms. In this video I am introducing the concept of a food elimination diary. Whilst simple it is a highly effective way to cut out the trigger foods which are causing you misery.

For more information regarding the creation of a personalised food elimination diary email me at or connect with me online via my Stack Health digital consultation room. In this we will discuss the origin of your headaches, how long they have been affecting you and then incorporate a detailed plan to bring normality back to your life. Remember head and neck pain is not normal and thus not something you should feel like you have to live with!


Bryce Finck - Digital Physiotherapist specialising in Physical Balance.

Bryce Finck