VIDEO & QUOTES: Learn about Digital Health from these 3 influencers!

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Although digital health is starting to grow in popularity with an increase in its application across the financial, mental and physical wellness sectors; there are many unknowns still surrounding its effectiveness. As such I have collected some pieces that you may find interesting from the worlds leading experts in the area.

John Nosta - NostaLab

John Nosta is one of the most influential orators of today’s digital health market. His work presents the impressive perspectives medicine and technology have to offer. Consequently, Nosta tries to transform words and ideas into real-life solutions.”

Paul Sonnier - The Fourth Wave

Paul Sonnier is an innovative and influential author in the field of digital health. His book, The Fourth Wave: Digital Health – A New Era of Human Progress, for instance, explores engaging topics, covering digital health, genomics, and science. 

Halle Tecco - The Power of Femininity in Digital Health

Halle Tecco, is among the most influential thought leaders in digital health. She defines herself as a “matchmaker” for health technology companies. In fact, Tecco was named “One of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs” by the finance giant, Goldman Sachs.

Who are the leaders, innovators and upcoming shape shifters in the digital health world that you love to learn from? Share them here and we will aim to highlight their work at Stack Health.

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