The 3 human elements you deserve in a digitally driven health environment.

As you gain more control of your work-life balance you don't want the technology to control you! AI, VR, Biometric Gene Testing - Technology is being integrated within health and wellness practices globally. The creation of these new tools is improving diagnostic, treatment and monitoring standards; leading to greater health outcomes for those that use them. While these digital health tools are highly successful in allowing practitioners to perform their jobs more efficiently they should not take the place of the functional skills that underpin a quality treatment. As such, here are the 3 human things you should still expect in a digitally driven health consultation:

  1. You are not just a number - Here is a fact...your health and wellness professional on average is seeing between 70-80 clients per week. This differs between areas of practice but even half of this is a lot of personal information to remember. As such it can get difficult remembering details like what your symptoms were like last visit or which one of your kids graduated from college this past spring. Would you like to know another fact...this is not a new concept in healthcare. Professionals have been treating on this scale for many years, seemingly not having any difficulty remembering that Sarah now has her PHD in animal psychology and you can't wait to wear your new pantsuit. As you are in a professional health relationship it should be expected that your treating expert remembers (or has tricks to recall) these important details of your life. These details and the sharing of them helps build trust in the relationship, allowing you to feel more comfortable in the information being given and thus more likely to take it onboard.
  2. You still deserve eye contact - Is there anything more annoying than sitting in a consultation room explaining your major issue to your health practitioner only to be met by the black stare of the top of their forehead while they tap feverishly on their keyboard. They are probably checking the stock market? No wait, buying a new seat cover for their sports car parked out the front of the clinic. In all honesty they are taking down the important details of your medical history but if you feel as if you are not being listened too then chances are you will be going home dissatisfied. Your clinician should have the skills to split their focus between you and the screen. So if you feel like the third wheel on an awkward date it may be worthwhile to take your health attention elsewhere.
  3. You still can choose to get a second opinion - The internet has been great at providing experts with more on-demand information regarding your potential health issue. This can allow them to provide you all the information you may require to address your health issue, even if it may be out of their scope of expertise. While this is the case if you feel as if the expert you are seeing may be flying by the seat of their movement sensor enhanced pants, do not hesitate in asking for a second opinion in the matter. While devices are a great adjunct to providing information, nothing beats practical clinical experience whether delivered in-person or online.

Don’t allow the addition of technology into the consultation process to be an excuse for poor service. Technology is still just the form but the function is always good communication! If you want to see how we deliver this high level quality of service at a valued packed price in the areas of financial, physical and mental wellness, make a connection today with one of our Stack Health experts -

Bryce Finck