PODCAST - Niche your way to success - a company blueprint!

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Your advice today is coming from Pat Flynn. Pat’s blog and podcast is about how he experiments with making money online and what he has learned along the way - making sure to reveal all aspects of the particular business he is focused on, the good and bad, the wins and the losses, so that others who may be interested in getting started with their businesses online will have a truthful, transparent, authentic and non-hyped look into what is involved and what to expect. 

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Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine high school me, shortest kid in my grade (under five feet tall) . . . playing basketball. Yeah, it didn’t go so well. Not a lot of balls were passed to me. But when we’d play soccer, on the other hand . . . I was the star. Slippery, fast, quick. Because I was small. Today I’m going to translate the story of high school me to business: Why being small and slick in a crowded industry can be an advantage for breaking through. Today I’m going to tell you exactly why and how so you can crush it in the space you’re in.

Whenever I talk to beginning students, I ask a lot of questions. A big question is, “I know you have all the steps to get started, why haven’t you yet?” The responses are usually very similar, and I get it—it’s hard to fit one more thing into your life. But if it’s a priority, you will do it! You just have to make it a priority and you will make that time.

So you have to make your business a priority. You also have to accept that you will make mistakes—it’s just part of the process of becoming an entrepreneur. Finally, and this is what I want to talk about today, you have to realize that you have an advantage by starting now, even if you’re in a very competitive space. The riches are in the niches, and the more niche you go, the truer this becomes. Today I’m going to tell you about five major advantages you have by going more niche and starting small. It’s just you and me today: Press play and let’s talk about all things niche!

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