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Your advice today is coming from Brad Beer. Brad is a physiotherapist, AMAZON Best Selling author, host of The Physical Performance Show podcast and the Founder of a company called POGO Physio. Brad specialises in helping active people perform at their physical best, by keeping them pain and injury free. He works best with highly committed people who place a high value on their physical health & performance.

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  • Why Peter wrote the book ‘A fat lot of Good’

  • Peter’s health now

  • Shane Watson – Australian Cricketer

  • The 5 Rules of this way of life.

  • High Obesity Rates

  • Dietary Guidelines from the 1980s

  • Eating fat to lose fat.

  • Brain Fog

  • Salt

  • Sugar by half campaign

  • Athlete nutrition

  • Best Advice – Just eat real food

  • Physical Challenge: 20 push up challenge

  • Purchase a copy of the book

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