Simple breathing tips to reduce neck pain and headaches at your desk.

Breathing - It’s one of the fundamental actions that all of us perform on a daily basis without thinking. Due to breathing being an unconscious pattern the repetitive tasks we do at work can compromise our breathing pattern over time. This leads to increased tension within our muscles and eventually physical dysfunction. This can display as neck pain and headaches which reduce our ability to be productive and takes away from our precious free time while we heal. 

This quick article gives some bullet points as to how to target and control your breathing when you start to feel the daily pressures of work manifesting in your muscles. Like a vitamin use on a daily basis to start feeling the positive results. 

If you have suffered from neck pain and headaches for an extended period (over 3 days) or on multiple occasions in a 12 month span (more than once), connect with me at to learn how you can experience more comfort at work.

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Bryce Finck

COO & Director of Wellness Innovation @ Stack Health 

Bryce Finck