Just who is the right digital wellness expert for you?

Your advice today is coming from Bryce Finck. The "Tech Health Guy" - Bryce is a driving force behind the digital wellness evolution, specialising in physical dysfunction and personal transformation. Co-Founder of Stack Health, his mission is to allow experts to communicate with their clients digitally from any location, forging lifelong professional relationships that improve people’s lives. If you wish to discover if Bryce is the right wellness expert for you, sign up at Stack Health for free today. Receive your complementary health concierge service where you are matched with your perfect wellness expert no matter where you (or they) are in the world.

"Simple is as Simple does Forrest!" 

One of the most brilliant lines from one of the best movies in the history of Cinema (In my opinion!). The reason it resinates with me isn't because Forrest and I share the same fashion, but because in healthcare you really do end up with the best results when you stop complicating things. Eat food that doesn't come in a package as things do not grow in packages, try to drink plenty of water as our body is 60% comprised of water and try to brush your teeth regularly as bad breath is terrible to deal with for longer than 30 seconds!

So this infographic flow chart is my simple breakdown as to who the best wellness expert is for you to see depending on your personal situation. Now obviously a lot more goes into making the decision as to who you will trust with your wellness however my guide can be an easy jumping off point. So without further ado here is "The Tech Health Guys Simple Guide as to who the right digital wellness expert is for you!"

Bryce Finck