Instant VIDEO Reaction: The Apple Watch will be a medical game changer!

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Apple by receiving FDA approval for their new ECG feature on the new “Apple Watch” have set the wheels in motion to truely change the preventative medical landscape. This is as people will now have real time access to important health data via a product that is easily attainable (Dependent on Price!). My quick thoughts on the launch today are:

  • Apple are angling in at the Baby Boomer market, targeting a population that are spending exorbitant amounts per year on personal wellness. This is a group that currently have the lowest purchase rate amongst all demographics for Apple products.

  • By achieving FDA approval Apple want to be seen as a serious player in the Medical Technology game. Could integration with online healthcare providers and insurers be around the corner?

  • By integrating a falls feature as well Apple have doubled down. Falls are one of the leading causes of unnecessary death and impairment in this population.

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Bryce Finck