Easily Unplug for a better work-life balance!

We have been told that maintaining a great balance between our personal life and professional career is important. However this has become increasingly difficult with the integration of technology into the work environment enabling the perception that we are always "reporting for duty". While this can be challenging, by not clocking off we are in danger of disrupting our personal health and wellbeing. So what are some easy ways to start regaining this important balance?


Manage your time: Cut or delegate activities you don't enjoy or can't handle.

Make a list: Put family events on a weekly calendar, and keep a daily to-do list at home and at work.

Learn to say no: Whether it's a co-worker asking you to spearhead an extra project or your child's teacher asking you to organise a class party, remember that it's OK to respectfully say no.

Leave work at work: With the technology to connect to anyone at any time from virtually anywhere, there might be no boundary between work and home — unless you create it. 


How we implement these changes is a personal journey. Being a people pleaser my whole life learning to say NO was my biggest difficulty but also my greatest achievement once I did it. It gave me greater mental release as I din't feel as if I was always drowning in responsibility. 

If you want to discuss your personal worries about creating a better work-life balance, connect with me on Stack Health at https://stackhealth.accelerware.com/bookings.cfm?fid=1857&tp=3538

Yours In Technology & Wellness

Bryce Finck