Overthinking - Underdoing

I've been contemplating writing this article for a couple of weeks now, however I didn't know how to start it until this morning. A client of mine who I have been working with for a number of years, attended their regular Tuesday morning session. Part way through our conversation a comment was made that they had last week off from work and they achieved nothing, zip, zero, zilch. Barely moved from the couch because they "wanted to sort a few things out."


Alot of thinking, very little doing - result in the same place they were a week ago.

Not a very productive week.....

Everyone is dealing with something on some level, yet most (I realise this is a generalisation) situations are not big problems until we start to think. An article by Kanwer Singh talks about overthinking problems is like blowing up a balloon. The more we think the bigger and more scarier the balloon gets. The result being we are less likely to act.

But how do we stop blowing up the balloon and start acting, stop thinking and start doing? Whether its to get in shape and lose weight, quit a job and follow a passion or as simple as going for walks after work. Choosing a strategy is like trying to buy a new pair of shoes. There is no one size fits all approach. However just as we need to walk around the store to ensure the shoe fits here are a few ideas to road test:

1 - Control what you can Control: Craig Harper talks about worrying about what you can't control as a total waste of time, and I tend to agree. The past, others, your genetics, the weather - ask yourself when thinking about your issue, dilemma, situation "What can I control?" and put your time energy into acting on those.

2 - Act as if: I recently read Useful Belief by Chris Helder and this chapter set off alarms. Put yourself into the future (the only place where clarity exists) and act as if the change you are chasing has occurred or the situation you are dealing with has been resolved. What does it look like? What did you do to achieve the outcome? An act on the answers.

3 - There is no such thing as the right time: How often do you hear a friend or family member say "When the time is right" There is no such thing as the right time, this is purely a delaying tactic. The only time for action is now.

4 - Take Action: One of the main reasons we spend more time thinking and less time doing is because of this feeling of fear. Remember fear is that uneasy feeling, usually noticed when we need to step outside of our comfort zone (remember that zone which is comfortable; constant, consistent, non challenging, non confronting where nothing changes). We need to use this to our advantage that feeling of fear, usually those butterflies in the bottom of your stomach, they should be your sign to take action. Go to a gym class, put your resume in for a promotion, open a savings account, seek out professional to help. Whatever it is all your need to do is start.

Bryce Finck