How Freelance Health Experts reduce HR wellness costs.

"Traditional Hiring Methods Do Not Create Agile Workplaces"

The pun in this statement is not intended however the importance both vocational and personal flexibility cannot be understated. This quote by Upwork CEO Stephanie Kasriel in 2017 was relayed in a great article written by Roy Maurer in 2017 titled "HR is turning to freelancers to meet talent shortage". In it he expressed that due to the immense value that hiring in-demand skills provides, HR departments are more frequently adopting a workforce composition model that incorporates more contingent workers. This allows companies to access a greater talent pool, "enabling an organization to nimbly determine the type of worker needed to meet a specific business goal, quickly source the highest quality talent and do so in the most cost-effective way".

"Stay Committed to your Decisions, but stay Flexible in your Approach"

With the spread of more reliable digital health technology this Freelance hiring method can now be integrated into an organisations employee wellness offering. These programs are now offered in 60% of all workplaces with an average spend of $250 per employee annually. This is as programs generally lead to a return on investment between 3 and 5 dollars for every dollar spent on each employee. These programs have also been shown to assist in recruiting and retaining high quality staff, reducing the costs associated in recruiting.

The issue is that wellness programs still possess an atrocious rate of use by employees, ranging between 4-6% of the workforce annually. Researched reasons for this include poor program awareness, accessibility, confidentiality and reliability. HR departments cannot be blamed for this however as they generally do not possess the resources or specific knowledge necessary to communicate, implement and analyse the wellness strategy implemented. Likewise traditional wellness providers are not incentivised to act on these barriers as increased employee uptake will eat into profit margins. The solution to this is to integrate a model that directly aligns and connects the needs of the individual employees with health & wellness talent, removing overheads associated with unnecessary programs and 3rd party providers.

The comfort in peer to expert connections is reflected in honest and direct support!

Due to the increasing number of Health & Wellness providers connecting online it is possible to provide your employees with more direct information that is specifically tailored to their needs at a fraction of the price. Our method at Stack Health is to heavily reduce our access fee to organisations and provide the initial connection between employees and the appropriate expert, incentivising them to create appropriate content via the greater user visibility and personal flexibility. By changing the nature of the initial connection to a user-focused connection rather than a transactional consultation, it provides a stronger relationship between both parties and empowers the employee to be an actively informed participant. This improves program uptake & retention, increasing the likelihood of reaching optimal health and productivity. "Many contingent and nontraditional relationships are because people need more than one job to make ends meet these days. It's not always a choice and a cultural evolution, it's often simply a necessity."


Bryce Finck is an online health & wellness expert, specialising in physical dysfunction and personal transformation. Co-Founder of Stack Health, his mission is to allow experts to communicate with their clients digitally from any location, forging lifelong professional relationships that improve people’s lives. An avid traveller, fiction writer and smile enthusiast you can connect with Bryce personally for your complementary expert meeting via his direct scheduling link or DM on InstagramFacebook and LinkedIn.

Bryce Finck