Don't treat your health goal as a final destination.

Our health journey is not along a straight route!

In yesterday's video we discussed the reasons as to why the short-term wins we achieve along our personal health journey can to lead to long-term failures in reaching an optimal level of wellbeing. Due to our engrained gratification mindset these stops generally serve as points where we pat ourselves on the back for a job well done which can lead to complacency. What we should be doing at these pivotal is keeping the following steps in mind:

1) Don't always look forward

While it may seem like common sense to keep moving in a straight line when attempting to achieve optimal wellbeing, it's actually unnatural for health progress to happen in this way. This is as the person you are when you reach your initial health stops is different to the person you were when you began the journey, even if you have only been working on it for a short period. If you keep basing your future health direction on the person you were when you started, chances are you will not take advantage of your own personal growth.

2) Dips are natural

Just like on a normal road trip there will be stops that are low-lying, insignificant points that may be more beautiful on closer inspection than you realise. Even the achievement of small milestones are worth acknowledging as there may be long gaps between your "major stops", leading you to runout of water and lose your mind if you don't take a break. By sitting in the moment and not projecting too far into the future you can really appreciate the changes you are making and increase your ongoing motivation.

3) Speed Kills

It is not always the first person that gets to a destination who gains the best travel experience. Often those people will regret not taking their time to smell the roses, take plenty of pictures and get a suntan. The same occurs to those that rush in reaching their initial health goals. These people will not recognise the specific factors or work that they did to reach their end outcome. This leads to a poor recognition of important issues when health change becomes more difficult, Take your time to explore your initial health goals and the steps you took to get there to have a more complete map of your future.

So there it is, more travel analogies than you can point a wheel-lock at. Enjoy the health journey you are on - turns, drops, stops and all. It's all part of the story you will tell when looking back at where you have come from!

Bryce Finck is an online health & wellness expert, specialising in physical dysfunction and personal transformation. Co-Founder of Stack Health, his mission is to allow experts to communicate with their clients digitally from any location, forging lifelong professional relationships that improve people’s lives. An avid traveller, musical lyricist and smile enthusiast you can connect with Bryce personally for your complementary expert meeting via his direct email or DM on InstagramFacebook and LinkedIn.

Bryce Finck