How to transform yourself into a digital health practitioner.

“So your leaving again, I don’t know if I can find another provider like you!”

By having travel as a passion of mine this is a sentence that I have heard A LOT during my professional career. It’s not easy to pack up and leave people who have trusted you with their most personal information, especially as there is a large possibility it has happened to them in the past. For them it is the equivalent of being consistently dumped by partners that tell you they want to “Spread their wings”. Eventually you are not going to put yourself out there to get hurt anymore. While it is understandably hard for a patient, the professional break up is a two way street. We as the other half of the partnership have placed personal equity in creating these relationships, often hours of learning, empathising and partnering to establish a trusting and caring relationship. Time is our most precious resource and I always thought it was crazy that in a digital environment there was not to continue a professional connection with those people that you cared about.

“There has to be a better way”

Due to the above the facts digital health and the capacity to treat clients online always intrigued me. It is frustrating losing clients that you care about when you make a career or personal decision to move. The fact that our client base potential is inherently limited by our physical location is absurd. This was seemingly even more pronounced in my field of physiotherapy due to the perception that we only fix people by using our “hands”. As a young, travel enthusiastic professional these are tough notions to come to grip with especially when you have just spent 4 years of your life (along with a multitude of future wages) to attain this "lifelong" degree. My choice was to either suck it up or think of a better way for me to treat. That way was figuring out how to transform myself into a digital practitioner.


Doors of perception

Tele-health in general has been a fast growing delivery method over the last 5 years however it has primarily been doctors consulting in this way. This is as the perception of GP’s is that they use their knowledge as their primary tool to guide your health. Unfortunately even though we as physiotherapists do this same thing in a very specific field, people in general believe that our primary tool is our hands and not our minds. This is not just limited to our profession however as Chiropractors, Dieticians, Optometrists, Occupational Therapists just to name a few experience this same prejudice. People are open to receiving more information virtually, with ⅕ having used a virtual healthcare service and ⅘ open to being cared for in this way. As such the issue is not societies interest in getting care this way but what they understand about us as practitioners and the information we possess that can help them.


The digital health transformation

To say this mindset transformation is easy would be far from the truth. Changing an individual’s perception regarding anything is difficult. When they are paying for a service they feel like they should be receiving this task multiplies in magnitude. I fell into the trap early in my professional career in feeling I had to physically treat every single person that came into me because that is what they wanted. While it generally kept people happy it created a certain passiveness in the way people treated their health, leading to a culture of returning back to see me with similar issues or for the same treatment. My goal in becoming a practitioner was never to generate business but to connect with, inform and empower people to create long lasting health changes. Thus what I had to do to reach my personal goal was remove the physical dependency I provided in clinic and trust that the knowledge, guidance and pathway to the optimal state of being would be enough for people. Luckily for me it was, starting me on the journey to transforming into an online health & wellness expert, specialising in physical dysfunction and personal transformation.


Bryce Finck is an online health & wellness expert, specialising in physical dysfunction and personal transformation. Co-Founder of Stack Health, and lead content collaborator at, his mission is to allow experts to communicate with their clients digitally from any location, forging lifelong professional relationships that improve people’s lives. An avid traveller, musical lyricist and smile enthusiast you can connect with Bryce personally for your complementary expert meeting via his direct scheduling tool (, using the code YOUR1STFREE.


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